Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rough Cuts Video


  1. Meg, the video gives a sense of really how huge this space is, and the enormous amount of work you've done to realize your vision - it's wonderful! And the skein of letters and words, with the strands running and turning back and layering is simply beautiful. Great project, great video.

    (Your hair doesn't look too poofy or suburban, either!)

  2. Meg, I loved this! Thank you for doing this! - showing your art, your process, and sharing your personal "reasons" why you do this unique expression of art! I hope you have a wonderful opening. Wish I could be there... Heart Hugs :) CC

  3. I have been following your blog and am looking forward to seeing the video made at your opening. Wonderful, tedious installation. Thanks for sharing here.

  4. Thanks, everyone! James Kalm, who did the video, popped into the gallery the other night unexpectedly. Sorta took me off guard, but maybe it's better that way. :)

  5. Holy Smoke Meg...this is awesome. You don't look a day different from the process and what an amazing, er, Statement. :)

  6. Meg - I'm loving your posts as you create this awesome statement. It opens an incredible window onto the artist's process - the sheer dedication and energy required - thank you for sharing so faithfully with us. Where you find the time to blog is a mystery to me!
    I wish you all the luck and grace in the world for your show - wish I could just pop in ... :-)
    ~ miriam louisa

  7. I wonder what it was like to put the first letter down.
    I wonder what it was like to put the last letter down.
    Each letter in between? I can only wonder.